Rest In Peace

Our Faithful Friend Beau

 died 12-16-08 about 12:30 PM

We knew Beau by many names, “Mr. Beau”, “Mr. Poodle”, “WP” (for worthless Poodle), “Poodle”, “Bob” (when he barked a lot, for Bob Barker, former MC of Price is Right), “Dog”, Kaitlyn called him “Beauie”  - he would (if he wanted) come to any of those names.

Comments from some of his many friends:

Pete, R. A. and I are so sorry to hear the news. I know Rickey will be devastated also when I call him in a few minutes. Please tell Katie that we're sorry. We've always had so much fun watching Beau (on the webcam). So much so that he seems part of our family.

L. W., Friend of Pete’s for over 45 years

We just received the news of Beau's passing. It was hard to believe. He was such a dear friend and he will be missed. He was always so friendly and happy looking and he lifted our spirits just by passing by for a short visit. I know he had a good life with you. He will be missed. We send you our warm regards

P. and D. B., Neighbors and good friends, who always had a treat waiting for Beau

Pete and Katie,
So sad to hear about Beau.

V.O., Neighbor and good friend

I am so very, very sorry. I know how much they are just like children to us. Please give my sympathies to Katie also.

m.v.,  Good friend and former employee at Vector and Cordata

Pete and Katie,

K. and I are very sorry to hear this news. We know how special Beau was to both of you, and we know how difficult a time this is. Our thoughts are with you, and with Beau.

T. & K., Good friends and former co-worker of Pete’s at Edison

Pete and Katie,

Both M. and I feel your distress. We've been through this before also as have you. We'll be saying prayers for Beau. We've very sorry to hear this news. You did a nice job on his web site. He will be available to the world for a long time.

Our kids (their dogs) are doing fine but our weather is getting damper and cooler. Right now it's about 41 here and 10 at my new home. We'll be heading back there with another load in a few days. Still not sure where we'll be spending Christmas night though.

Our best to the family.

P. & M.,     Good friend of Pete’s for over 35 years

Pete and Katie,
It breaks our hearts to hear this news. Dogs are so giving and ever
faithful as you said. They have a special place in our human families.
We will give our Penny extra special appreciation in honor of Beau.
-- D. and C.   Good friends of Pete’s for at least 30 years

I am so sorry to hear about Beau. What a great dog! To me, dogs are just like family members - sometimes more so because they spend more time with you and don't complain about stuff (unless you don't have time to walk them). You have my deepest sympathy and I know you will be comforted by many happy memories,
L.O      Good friend of Katie’s for 46 years

Hi Pete,

 Sorry to hear the sad news. Mr. Beau has won our hearts when we were at your house last time.  It's hard to say good-bye to a 12 year faithful friend. Mr. Beau will live forever in our hearts.

 Take care!

 M.O.  Former co-worker of Pete’s at Edison

Pete and Katie,

Im so sorry to hear about Beau. He was a wonderful dog and the only full sized poodle I’d known. I know there is a big hole in your hearts and lives right now and it must seem so very strangely quiet without him. I have no words to make it easier, only that I do understand.

V.J.     Good friends met during our Coast Guard Auxiliary days


I’m Beau, don’t bother me while I’m in bed, my master’s bed!


I’m a black (well, used to be, some gray now) Standard Poodle.  I weigh about 55 pounds and we (Standards) are supposed to be very smart. If this means that I can find any unprotected food left on the kitchen sink, then I guess I am.  I was born in 1996 just South of where I live now in Hacienda Heights, California.

I run the house! I have a toy box that is always filled with my favorite things.  If nobody will play with me, I will go play basketball around the pool or bounce a tennis ball by myself.



This is me in my first bed, note that I am sandwiched between the washer, dryer and trash can in the laundry room. I didn’t even have a doggie door then and I didn’t like sleeping alone (a radio tuned to a talk station helped me cope.  I was going to call the SPCA to complain about my inhumane treatment but I couldn’t reach the phone.  When I was big enough to jump, I got my revenge (see the first picture)


Check out my master’s site (where you can see more of me)!